06/26/16: New website for TripleSevenScans is up!
07/07/16: Disqus box width in the reader section issue fixed by modifying cascading style sheet file.
07/07/16: Placed the footer below the Disqus comment box by modifying reader php files.
07/07/16: Fixed Disqus comment box appearing in certain pages of the reader.
07/07/16: Added site brand from the bottom of the reader.
07/07/16: Increased mobile friendliness of home page.
07/08/16: Added an rgba(255,255,255,0.5) background transparency to Disqus comment box (cascading style sheet).
07/08/16: font family for reader changed. (font-family: Open sans, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;)
07/10/16: added reCAPCHA Turing test to contact form. (anti spam)
07/10/16: Removed site brand from the bottom of the reader. (yeah i know, it was annoying.)
07/11/16: Revamped the posting mechanism. (now a grid post type)
07/11/16: Revamped posts aesthetic.
07/11/16: Added pagination to front page.
07/11/16: Added a changelog page, removed the notice at the top of home page.
07/11/16: Optimized posts layout for feedburner.
07/12/16: Disabled the "page hover up" effect from turning pages in the reader.
(it now loads instanly without that "spoiler" page effect.)
07/12/16: Added Disqus to Changelog page.
07/12/16: Updated the Projects page with new content.
07/12/16: Added Disqus to Projects Page.
07/16/16: Fixed the reloading problem of disqus on the reader page. (thanks to mr. stark from yomanga)
07/16/16: Fixed the duplicating problem of disqus on the reader page. (thanks to mr. stark from yomanga)
07/26/16: Added Advertisements to the site. (It is necessary for us to pay hosting fees which we can't pay for ourselves)
07/28/16: Applied some tidy CSS changes to the reader.
07/29/16: High Resolution images at 2500px height or greater, now displays at its Full Resolution.
07/30/16: Implemented a mouse pointer hover over image.
07/31/16: Changed Post Grid Layout.
08/2/16: Implemented Mobile Redirects and Pop Under ADs. We are able to deliver you uncompressed high quality Manga scanlations of up to 2500px High Resolution for FREE, through our Advertisers. Ads are necessary for us to sustain this site, Please consider whitelisting us in your AD Blocking program. Thank You and Enjoy!
08/4/16: reduced the size of the custom mouse pointer to 75%
08/8/16: Updated the Donation page.
08/20/16: Reduced the size of Grid Posts to fit.
08/21/16: Reduced the number of Ads on the reader page.
08/29/16: Removed the cursor override on the reader page.
08/29/16: Fixed a bug on the reader drop down list, where it wasn't showing up properly.
02/28/17: As of February 2017, we now mostly work on erotic content. Feel free to email us if you want something translated, we'll check it out.
03/03/17: Enabled downloading chapters.